Visa on Arrival

Upon arrival, Indonesia charges foreigners US$35 for a 30-day visa. It is renewable for another maximum 30 days with the same price. 

Citizens of the following 11 countries are exempt: Brunei, Chile, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Macao, Morocco, Peru, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Turkey.

Citizens of 21 countries are offered the VISA ON ARRIVAL facility. They are: South Africa, Argentina, Denmark, The United Arab Emirates, Italy, Canada, Poland, South Korea, New Zealand, France, United States, Britain, Australia, Japan, France, Hungary, Norway, Swiss, Taiwan, Brazil and Finland. The procedure at the airport should take around 10 minutes.

Citizens of countries not on the visa-on-arrival or visa-free lists will be required to apply for a visa before entering Indonesia.

All visitors must have a passport valid for at least six months after their arrival date in Indonesia.